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SnapCount® is a revolutionary new game allowing players to call the plays of a live football game in real time via a mobile device.

Today people can’t get enough sports and are no longer content by just sitting on the sidelines being spectators. A testament to this statement would be examples like fantasy football and fantasy baseball leagues.

People want more, people want engagement, and people want to be a part of something… But most of all, people want to be interactive and have a memorable experience! As people get more and more engaged with sports, television, mobile technology and reality TV based programs where you get to vote on the outcome, the SnapCount development team sees an opportunity to become the first mobile interactive reality sports gaming company in the world.

With our patent pending game technology, SnapCount allows you the gamer to coach your own football team in REAL-TIME from the convenience of your mobile device anywhere in the world! Imagine controlling a game of live football athletes, playing the game the way you want them to play the game. As we look back at the last 20 years of gaming, video gaming isn’t going anywhere, it’s only getting bigger and SnapCount hopes to set the new standard in what we call, Interactive Reality Gaming.

In order to create something this big, we need your help! The SnapCount development team has carried the torch this far, but now we need your help to keep the flame burning and financial support to go the distance and make our avid sports/gamer fanatics dreams come true!

Our Blood, Our Sweat, Our Tears… Your Game!



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